PLASFED DERGİ BREAKING NEWS The best alternative to the “plastic grocery bag” ismultiuse plastic bag Best alternative is again the plastic! Turkey discusses the regulation introduced to restrict the use of plastic grocery bags. The obligation to pay money for the bags purchased from grocery stores started in a way that some portion of the payment will be transferred to public funds. Of course, the decision has many aspects open to discussion. The strange truth comes forth when “alternatives” are searched for those who do not want to buy plastic bags from grocery stores. The best “alternative” to the single use plastic is plastic bag again, because more damage is done to the environment when producing multi use cloth or other bags compared to plastic bags. The discussions about plasticmaterials have recently gainedmomentum in Turkey and the world. While discussions usually focus on recycling, the discussions in Turkey evol- ved in a detrimental way. Environment campaigns started to be irrelevant to source separation. Besides some weak points in the bag regulations, the plastics industry opposes other sectors declaring, for short term interests, the plastics a “scapegoat” which is an inevi- table industrial product. The industry argues that the approach to the plastic product industry, which is one of the sectors in Turkey having foreign trade surplus, should be refreshed. 106