PLASFED DERGİ is similarly covered by Unemployment Insuran- ce Fund. SOCARSTAR refinery, the lar- gest single-item investment in Turkey, commenced ope- ration STAR Refinery investment, the largest single-item investment in Turkey made by Azerbaijan’s national oil company SOCARwhich is also controlled by PETKIM, was inaugurated with the participation of Turkish President Re- cep Tayyip Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President İlhamAliyev. With the statement made following the ce- remony, the STAR Refinery investment was reported to have reached $ 6.3 billion. The re- finery having a 10 million tons of crude oil pro- cessing capacity per year will meet themost of oil product demand in Turkey. Alongwith STAR Refinery, Petkim Container Terminal, Petkim Wind Power Plant and Aliağa Head Office Bu- ilding were also completed in Aliağa district of Izmir as other subsidaries of SOCAR. Delivering the opening speech during the ce- remony, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo- ğan said, “With the opening of Star refinery, we further strengthen our brotherly relationswith Azerbaijan, which are exemplary in the world. There is an investment worth approximately $10 billion with the container port and petroc- hemical plants. This refinery is the largest na- turalization project in Turkey. 1 thousand and 100 people will work at this plant which is also of importance for its employment aspect.” “Industry 4.0 compliance” drafts to be announced for plastics and rubber machi- nery The Europe’s Association for Plastics and Rub- ber Machinery Manufacturers (EUROMAP) is preparing to explain regulatory proposals undertaken to guide the industry for Industry 4.0 processes that are expected to drastically affect the industrial structure. The associati- on stated that the drafts prepared would be disclosed. The statement said, “EUROMAP de- veloped two new drafts of standards for hot runner systems (Standard No: EUROMAP 82.2) and liquid silicone dosing systems (Standard No: EUROMAP 82.3). The new Euromap stan- dards that are developed to make plastics and rubber machines interconnected enable the required digital connection for the provision of a processing environment in compliance with Industry 4.0.” Ömer Karadeniz, ICI Council Member and Mete Plastics’ Chairman: Actions required to overco- me biased views on industri- alists Ömer Karadeniz, Council Member of Istanbul ChamberofIndustryandChairmanofMetePlas- tics, indicated that more focus should be placed on industry for national economy. Speaking at ICI Council Meeting of October, Ömer Karade- niz stressed that the Turkish plastics industry is highly dependent on imported raw materials and Star Refinery which was started up fails to resolve this concern regardless of being a very important step. Karadeniz highlighted that it is critically important tomake further investments in the petrochemical industry. Differentiation in packaging is through design, branding and innovation At the 5th International Plastic Packaging Technologies Congress held by PAGEV, the search for differentiation across the industry came to the fore. The main theme of the cong- ress, which was held on October 30, 2018 in İstanbul with the participation of the sector’s leaders, was set as the “Future Packaging”. At the congress, sector representatives under- lined that consumer preferences are the most important factor shaping the plastic packaging industry. Ersel Filiz, General Manager of Polimer Teknik “Our machinery industry is ready for digital transforma- tion, but a technical commu- nication with manufacturers is needed” Ersel Filiz, General Manager of Polimer Teknik who operates in the plastics processingmachi- nery industry, said that domestic machine ma- nufacturers can manufacture machines that will meet the needs of producers operating in Turkey, but there is a need for a robust com- munication with industry. Underlining that do- mestic machinery manufacturers are ready for digital transformation, Filiz stressed that they can achieve equivalent results to those attai- ned by famous brands in terms of efficiency and cost and emphasized that the public sec- tor needs to enhance its support rather than reducing for domestic but specifically foreign marketing. Ersel Filiz answered the questions of PLASFEDMAG. Adil Pelister, Chairman of IK- MIB “We act with the mission of growth and strengthening together in linewith the stra- gety of unity ” Adil Pelister, Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (IKMIB), took up office in April. One of the most important organizations in the chemical industry, IKMIB does not only deal with exports as its primary task, but also focuses on further activities in other areas of the industry. Adil Pelister told PLASFEDMAG about the sectoral develop- ments and IKMIB’s future activities carried out. BREAKING NEWS 121