PLASFED DERGİ AGENDA vestment flows. As of the end of 2017, there were more than 58 thousand fo- reign companies operating in Turkey, up from 5,600 in 2002. FDI figures, howe- ver, are much more impressive. Up until 2002, total FDI inflow into Turkey stood at 15 billion dollars. However, from 2003 to June 2017, Turkey has attracted 193 billion dollars of inward investment. To- day, almost all major multinational com- panies currently have operations in Tur- key, including Pepsi, Citi, General Electric, Vodafone, 3M, BP, Shell, Cisco, Coca-Co- la, Deloitte, KPMG, Dow, Ernst & Young, tial System of Government, the Office will also contribute to the strategy and policy-making processes in the govern- ment so as to fine tune the investment incentives to better fit Turkey’s needs. Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has a robust economy, currently the 13th largest in the world according to GDP at purcha- sing power parity and has been growing at an average rate of 5.7 percent since 2003. The country has become a global economy with a rising level of inward in- About Investment Office Presidency of the Republic of Turkey In- vestment Office is the official organiza- tion for promoting Turkey’s investment environment and opportunities to the global business community. The Office unified all foreign investment-related services under one umbrella. Catering to the needs of foreign investors looking to do business in Turkey, it operates with a one-stop-shop formula. From the first contact to after-care services, the In- vestment Office is present at every sta- ge of an investment project undertaken by an international company in Turkey. The country is constantly undergoing reforms to make its investment environ- ment more user-friendly and accessible, and the Investment Office continues to provide key guidance in these proces- ses to ensure that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum. With the new Presiden- Turkey offers investors unique advantages to grow their businesses in the country and in surrounding markets 104