PLASFED DERGİ BREAKING NEWS The plastics industry growingwith OIZ investments Newgeneration Organized Industrial Zones for the next generation industry started operation Organized Industrial Zones have been regarded as one of the means of development in Turkey. As such, Turkey ranks among the countries making the highest level of investment in this context. The- re are 310 OIZs founded across the country, 244 of which are still active. During the process that started with the foundation of Bursa OIZ as the initial model in 1961, the OIZs in Turkey were con- verted to free zones, technoparks and specialized organized industrial zones in line with the trans- formation of OIZs around the globe. For the plastics industry, the Turkish plastic industrialists began to take a leading part. The sector seems to be more active in bringing to life organized industrial zones that are established and ope- rated by the private sector compared to other sectors. Some new examples of organized industrial zones, established by the private sector with earlier examples in Turkey, were put forward by plastic industrialists in Turkey.